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The Problem

The Solution


Hend Ben Salah
Katherine Moore
Joelle Wong

This was a final for school turned passion project that some friends and I decided to create to help all of us manage our pets' care. Though the design has been finalized, it has not gone past the prototyping stage yet.

During our research it was discovered that pet owners with busy/conflicting schedules are having a difficult time finding a reliable platform to coordinate the needs of their pets such as feeding times, routines, appointments, etc. with co-owners and care providers. The majority of pet owners are in need of a platform that centralizes all information about their pet’s needs and routines with the ability to communicate between owners to ensure coverage of all daily tasks.

PawPad, a platform that centralizes all aspects of pet care including daily tasks, appointments, pet sitting, informational articles and more to ensure that all your pets' needs are being met as efficiently as possible.


3 weeks

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